Training Details

Station 1:  Pre-ride checklists and emergency stops
Our classroom training reinforces the material that students learned in the prerequisite ATV Safety CD Course including:  Safety Considerations, Rider Responsibilities, Environmental Responsibilities, and how to handle Trail Emergencies.  We believe that students learn best in a cooperative learning environment.
At this station we will ensure that each student is fitted to their machine properly.   We will then walk the students through a pre-ride checklist (TCLOC) and a pre-start checklist.   Once we are comfortable that the students fit their machines, and the machines are in proper running order, we will have each student demonstrate an emergency stop.
Station 2:  Obstacle Course
At this station we will focus on active riding.   Students will learn proper weight placement while turning and going up and down hills.  Students will learn the proper way to shift weight while crossing obstacles.   The figure eight course allows students to practice their skills.
Station 3:  Traversing Hills
Machine rollover is the number one cause of ATV accidents.  That is why we dedicate an entire station to teach our students how to correctly traverse a hill or obstacle.   Students will have the opportunity to practice their skills with the assistance of our certified instructors.

2017 Schedule
Saturday, July 8
Sunday, July 9
Saturday, August 19
Sunday, August 20

All classes are taught at the Dakota County Fairgrounds in Farmington.   Class begins at 9:00 and will end between 1:00 and 2:00 pm depending on class size.

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